How It Works

To Purchase a Video

If you have chosen a logo based video, your logo MUST be in PNG or PSD format, and include any transparency. It is also vital that your logo is as high a resolution as possible (2000 pixels or greater in height or width is best).

Please email the logo to me at

If your video has text in it, please include all the text you want in separate lines, and in order of appearance, in the notes or instructions box when you order. Please ensure you’ve viewed the video you are choosing beforehand so you can see how many pieces of text you’ll need, and where they’ll appear.

The colours of many of the elements are fixed in the video animations. However, please do advise of your preferred colour as in some cases it can be incorporated. Your logo itself will retain its colours, although it may vary a bit depending on style of the video.

Some of the videos (but by no means all) include an audio track too. If you’d prefer your video without audio, please tell me in one of the comments boxes, otherwise you’ll get it with if it’s available.

It’s important you include your telephone number in your order, in case I need to contact you with any questions when I’m producing the video. I’ll only call about that, not to try to sell you something!

Feel free to email me at or call me on 01303 766130 during normal working hours (10am to 5pm GMT Monday to Friday) if you have any questions. I’m a real person and always happy to help!

–Tim Hensel

P.S. These stings are designed for you to incorporate into your videos or online marketing yourself. If you want to talk to me about making a more comprehensive custom video for you – filmed or animated or a combination of both -please see my Video page or contact me!